Cattle market analysis and price forecasts by Jerry Klassen


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I always look forward to reading the latest issue of Jerry's Canadian Feedlot and Market Analysis. Jerry provides a great analysis on cattle, feed grain, and the Canadian dollar. It's one of the best tools I use for my risk management program.


Cam Vanee

Diamond 8 Cattle Co.

Pincher Creek AB

                 I have been a subscriber to Jerry Klassen’s Canadian weekly feedlot analysis service.

Being as the cattle feeding industry is a business with negative margins throughout much of any given year, timing is the single biggest factor leading to overall net rates of return. With the aid of Jerrys predictions on beef supply projections which have been far more accurate than USDA numbers I have been able to place cattle which target his optimum timing windows. This strategy  has yielded no negative margins and very profitable margins for our cattle feeding business for the last couple years. I will continue to use Jerrys service and look forward to reviewing it each week that it arrives. 

Dan Hochhausen 

Hochhausen Farms 

Strome Alberta 


I’ve read Jerry Klassen’s monthly columns in several agriculture publications over the years. I have always been impressed with his market analysis in regards to grain, cattle and the Canadian dollar. After talking to Jerry, he told me about his market analysis publication. I have subscribed to this publication and consider it an essential tool in helping make may business decisions.

Morison Farms

Airdrie Alberta

“I find Jerry’s market analysis very helpful in understanding the risk / reward  possibilities resulting from placement and marketing patterns in the US and Canada. Jerry’s commentary on global social, economic and political influences on the beef industry are very interesting and something I like to share with my sons and key staff. The Canadian Feedlot and Cattle Market Analysis is a read I look forward each week.”

Mike Kotelko

Highland Feeders

Vegreville Alberta

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The weekly market commentary includes fundamental and technical analysis for the fed cattle market, feeder cattle market, feed grains and the Canadian dollar. Many producers have a difficult time understanding markets and don’t have time to analyze all factors. This analysis brings all factors together to help manage the price risk for a cattle operation. Each analysis includes price forecasts for the upcoming year.  Subscribers include finishing feedlots, backgrounding feedlots, cow calf operations, banks, accountants, cattle brokers and all others that have an interest in the cattle markets.

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